Hand Painted Maiolica Tile
hand painted majolica tile

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majolica tile

Levy LaRocque has showcased the design collaboration between ceramic
artist Marcia LaRocque and woodworker David Levy since 1983.  Levy
LaRocque studio's are located in a converted 19th century mill building
in Western Mass.  Here Marcia and David design, paint, build and
distribute a unique brand of home furnishings, custom woodworking and
hand painted Maiolica tile.  Their work appeals to the design trade,
residential architect, furniture gallery and artisan tile market.
For over 20 years, ceramic tile and mosaics have been used as an
important design element in Levy LaRocque table top items, mirrors,
tables and custom installations.  A recent studio expansion has made it
possible to further explore the design and fabrication of production
and one-of-a-kind hand painted tile.
Levy LaRocque believes that personal expression lies at the very heart
of the home.  It is their mission to offer customers fresh appropriate
design rooted in traditional methods, crafted perfectly and
guaranteed from start to finish.


Levy LaRocque                                    Hand Painted Maiolica Tile
One Cottage Street, Easthamptom Massachusetts  413-527-5040

Email: Marcia@levylarocque.com